3-5 Ton Hitachi SmartFlex™ Mini VRF

Flexible Installation

Exceptional Energy Efficiency

Personalized, Zoned Comfort

The compact, lightweight outdoor unit and generous piping limits enable roof or ground installation for exceptional flexibility. Both ducted and duct-free indoor units can accommodate virtually any residential or light commercial floor layout. The Mini VRF system installs quickly and easily. Modular build-up allows flexible room-by-room and floor-by-floor installation.

You can expect superior energy efficiency and personalized comfort with the Mini VRF. The energy-saving system reduces operating costs - especially under part-load conditions. Multiple indoor unit options enable individual comfort control of up to eight rooms/zones.

With design flexibility and exceptional energy efficiency, the Hitachi SmartFlex Mini VRF is an excellent option for both new construction and renovations.

When you partner with Johnson Controls, you work with a company that offers proven VRF system technology, and a company you know and trust.

Impressive efficiency with Hitachi SmartFlex Mini VRF systems:

  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) up to 22.5
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) up to 16.4
  • Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) up to 11.7

Exceptionally efficient hitachi SmartFlex Mini vrf systems provide design versatility and flexibility and quiet personalized comfort

  • Ideal choice for buildings with zero lot lines or zoning restrictions
  • Flexible – Numerous system configurations multiple-sized outdoor units and multiple options of indoor unit types and capacities
  • Adaptable - Up to 984 ft. total pipe length
  • Versatile — Up to 164 ft. vertical distance between outdoor unit and indoor units
  • Quiet operation - As low as 48 dB(A) sound level for outdoor units and 28 dB(A) for indoor units
  • Exceptional energy efficiency - certified by AHRI: • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) up to 22.5 • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) up to 16.4 • Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) up to 11.7
  • Single-phase (208-230V) 3-, 4- and 5-ton heat pump system with inverter compressor technology
  • Cooling up to 118°F and heating down to -4°F ambient
  • One outdoor unit for up to eight indoor units

6-30 Ton Hitachi SmartFlex™ VRF

Rated highest for energy efficiency

Hitachi SmartFlex™ VRF systems rank impressively high in the ratings that matter most for VRF technology

Hitachi SmartFlex VRF systems rank impressively high in the ratings that matter most for VRF technology: simultaneous cooling and heating efficiency (SCHE) and integrated energy efficiency ratio (IEER). The traditional measure of HVAC equipment, energy efficiency ratio (EER), measures system efficiency at full load. Using EER ratings may be appropriate for equipment that operates in a traditional cycle (fully on or fully off), but it is not appropriate for properly sized VRF systems, Since VRF systems have the ability to spend the vast majority of time at part load, reaching full load only on the hottest or coldest days. Hitachi SmartFlex VRF systems thereby excel against truer measures of efficiency and the following should be considered when evaluating solution choices:

  • SCHE applies to VRF systems with energy recovery features. It is defined as the ratio of a system’s total capacity (heating and cooling) to the effective power consumption. Hitachi SmartFlex VRF systems carry SCHE ratings as high as 29.5.
  • IEER expresses cooling efficiency based on weighted operation at various part-load conditions. Hitachi SmartFlex VRF systems carry IEER ratings as high as 25.2.
  • The coefficient of power (COP) ratio expresses the efficiency of a heat pump while in heating mode. COP rating according to AHRI is calculated at two different ambient temperatures, 47°F and 17°F. Hitachi SmartFlex has COP47 and COP17 values up to 4.21 and 2.78, respectively.

The core technology of Hitachi SmartFlex VRF systems is the exclusive Hitachi-designed high efficiency DC inverter and scroll compressor. The compressor is engineered to maximize efficiency at partial loads – the state in which building HVAC systems operate the vast majority of the time. Its advantages include a high compression ratio, excellent reliability, and quiet operation.

Key benefits:

  • Compressor speed modulates to match the thermal load, enhancing efficiency.
  • Longer run time at reduced capacity improves humidity control in cooling.
  • Fewer start-stop cycles mean longer compressor motor life
  • Soft-start technology nearly eliminates inrush current, saving energy.

The Changeover Box (COB) is smartly engineered to be the workhorse in a heat recovery system

Built-in simplicity. The changeover box redirects refrigerant vapor to the desired zone. Because the Hitachi design switches vapor instead of liquid, no condensate is produced and fewer valves are required as compared to traditional changeover boxes. Each changeover box has only four electronically controlled valves, and a fully insulated valve housing to minimize noise. These valves are protected with a fine mesh strainer to increase reliability by eliminating any debris that may be introduced into the refrigerant circuit.

Quieter operation. Low-noise valve operation means there is no need to place the changeover box in a remote location. Each box has only four valves, all fully insulated to minimize noise and condensation.

Reliable performance. The changeover box continually operates even if one indoor unit on a circuit malfunctions. The valves work according to the demand of each zone. For added reliability, valves are protected with strainers to ensure that the vapor lines function without issue. A simplified design positions the valves for easy service access.

As a global leader in VRF technology, Hitachi is well-established with multiple manufacturing facilities in markets throughout the world.

Location Year Established Year VRF Launched
Shimizui, Japan 1943 1985
Taipei, Taiwan 1965 2000
Sao Pauloi, Brazil 1972 2006
Barcelonai, Spain 1991 2005
Qingdaoi, China 2003 2003
Ahmedabadi, India 2003 2011

A history of excellence

Innovations like VRF systems challenge traditional thinking about selecting the optimal solution to achieve efficient building comfort control. With Hitachi SmartFlex systems, you get results you can count on from a company with a proven record of technology innovation and product advancement in the HVAC sector. Hitachi achievements include:

  • More than 30 years of VRF experience.
  • World’s first inverter scroll compressor for air conditioners (1983).
  • VRF pioneer with first installation (1985).
  • Cutting-edge large-capacity scroll compressor for VRF technology (2008).

Hitachi has over 30 years of VRF system experience all over the globe.