Dedicated warehouse and logistics expertise ensure consistent delivery

Get the right equipment to the job site on time

Ample inventory and advanced order management and logistics systems can help you complete installations in a timely manner. Consistent service and predictable deliveries help you prevent delays waiting for essential components and enable you to set a project timeline and schedule labor efficiently. Fast and accurate parts delivery from our state-of-the-art main distribution center in Memphis, Tennessee – where UPS and FedEx have hubs – helps simplify expedited shipments.

Dedicated Duct-Free Warehouse & Logistics Expertise Ensure Consistent Delivery

Training to get your team up to speed fast

Efficient performance, quality installations

Comprehensive training classes provide knowledge and skills necessary to effectively and efficiently install SmartFlex duct-free mini-split systems.

Our world-class training center offers classes with specialized modules and topics that help:

  1. Salespeople submit competitive bids and close deals.

  2. Designers select and configure the right equipment easily and accurately.

  3. Installers learn the proper procedures and complete jobs accurately, on-time and on-budget.

  4. Service technicians maintain, troubleshoot and repair systems efficiently.

Our world-class VRF Training Center in Dallas, Texas includes a laboratory with multiple duct-free mini-split systems to provide hands-on experience with components and controls.

Videos and webinars supplement classroom learning on specific subjects that refresh and enhance the skills of your sales, design, installation and service teams. SmartFlex duct-free mini-split system training programs help deliver the peace of mind that your staff is prepared to support your business with the knowledge to compete in a growing industry.

Integrated software tools that give you an edge and save time

Intuitive selection software makes selection easy and seamless

The SmartFlex duct-free mini-split system selection software intuitively guides you step-by-step through equipment selection, so you can quickly and accurately choose the right system for each project.

Web-based program

The web-based program allows access from any computer or tablet. The software helps you:

  1. Use intuitively designed features and functionality that make the design process easy, fast, and accurate. You can select options and accessories without referring to additional information or performing additional calculations.

  2. Gain an edge by confidently and easily designing duct-free mini-split systems.

  3. Easy access to product information helps you work accurately and efficiently. Our secure web portals, UPGnet.com and VRFPro.com, provide product documentation, technical and service manuals, troubleshooting guides, brochures, videos, technical support, contact information and more.