Hitachi SmartFlex™ VRF Gen II Multi-Port Change-Over Box – 12 Ports



The Multi-Port Change-Over Box (COB) is engineered to be the workhorse in a heat recovery system as it redirects refrigerant vapor to the desired zone. Connects up to 6 branches and a total of up to 216 indoor units.

Built-in simplicity since vapor is switched instead of liquid, therefore no condensate is produced which means fewer valves are required.

Electronically controlled valves, and a fully insulated valve housing minimizes noise.

Increased reliability since fine mesh strainers protect the valves.

Low-noise valve operation means quieter operation and no need to place the changeover box in a remote location.

Reliable performance as valves work according to the demand of each zone.

Easy service access to valves with a simplified design.

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