Hitachi SmartFlex™ VRF Gen II Multi-Port Change-Over Box – 4 Ports



The 4-Port Multi-Port Change-Over Box (COB) provides exceptional design flexibility, easily accommodate future expansion and enable more ways to reduce cost including material and labor. 

The COB is engineered to be the workhorse in a heat recovery system as it redirects refrigerant vapor to the desired zone.

Built-in simplicity since vapor is switched instead of liquid, therefore no condensate is produced which means fewer valves are required.

Electronically controlled valves, and a fully insulated valve housing minimizes noise.

Increased reliability since fine mesh strainers protect the valves.

Low-noise valve operation means quieter operation and no need to place the changeover box in a remote location.

Reliable performance as valves work according to the demand of each zone.

Easy service access to valves with a simplified design.

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