Hitachi SmartFlex™ VRF Centralized Controller Large Central Station


Large: Model CCL01

Large version controls up to 64 groups of indoor units (maximum 160 units).

Mini version controls up to 32 groups of indoor units (maximum 160 units).

Easy-to-use touchscreen interface.

Records accumulated operations time for tenant billing.

Color-coded graphics or quick reference.

Set up to 10 on/off times per day.

Up to 8 stations can be connected to the H-Link II.

In addition to basic control, such as settings for operation/stop, the operation mode and temperature, the air quantity and auto louver can be set. If a problem occurs, an alarm code immediately shows the details of the problem.

An external input terminal is provided as standard. External signals enable the following functions:

Central operation/stop,

Demand control,

Emergency stop,

Central operation output, and

Central alarm output.

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